Electrical Sales Associates, Inc.




Maryland Linecard



                    Wire & Cable


Alumiminum THHN-THWN, XHHW-2, USE-2, SEU,
Tray Cable, DLO, Welding cable, Portable Cord,
VFD, Bare Copper & Aluminum, Central Office
Power (Telephone cable), Security & Fire Alarm,
Cat 5, Coax etc.

Copper "Slipwire", THHN/THWN-2, Romex, 


5 - 35 KV XLP & EPR, MV-105, 5 - 35 KV URD, 
Aerial Cable, Airgaurd Armor, Tray Cable 



  Tray & Control, LSOH, Cable-in-Conduit, 
Airport Lighting Cable, MC Cable, Transit Cable


2 Hour Fire Rated RHW & Circuit Integrity Cables


                    Cable Accessories

  Heat Shrink & Cold Shrink 600V - 69 KV 
Splices & Terminations kits, Gel Products, 
RDSS duct sealing, Marking systems, Terminals, 

    3 in 1 Fishing, Measuring & Pulling Tapes

  Manufacturer of Cable Pulling Lubes,
Cleaners, Sealants, and MRO & Construction
                     Raceways & Supports

  Polymer Coated Conduit & Fitting

    EMT - "inch marked", Galvanized rigid and
IMC steel conduit

  Aluminum & Steel Ladder Cable Tray, 
Wire Mesh Basket & Fittings

  Fiberglass Raceways, Wireways, Strut & Fittings

     Aluminum Rigid conduit and aluminum EMT

  PVC Conduit: Schedule 40&80, EB, DB, Elbows
& fittings

  Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel Strut
& Fittings


   Brackets, Conduit supports, Duct bank templates,
Quick Pull, Pre-wired assemblies, etc
                   Heat Trace

   Industrial and Commercial Heating Products, 
 Freeze Protection, Frost Heave, Flow Maintenance
        Enclosures, Boxes and Pedestals
    NEMA Rated Industrial Enclosures, SS, Aluminum,
Steel, Polyester, Pushbutton Enclosures,
Disconnect Enclosures and Accessories

  Quazite   Underground Composolite Junction Boxes, 
Handholes, Pads & Vaults

Meter sockets, Pedestals, Power Centers
CT Cabinets, Portable Standby Generators,
Nema Rated Enclosures  
    Design and Manufacturer of electrical control
systems and switchgear, automatic transfer
switches and multi purpose cabinets. 

                      Devices and Plates
     Steel, Lexan, Brass, Bronze, Custom, Outlet Boxes &
 Covers, Weatherproof Boxes & Covers

    Wiring devices for the industrial,
commercial and residential markets. 
                      Digital Submetering
    Revenue Grade KWH & Demand Meters. 
Commercial & Residential  Metering Systems, 
Power Quality Meters, Data Collection
& Billing Software

         Hazardous/Standard Location
     fittings Lighting & Controls


  Die Cast & Steel Fittings, EX &DX Fittings,
Conduit seals, Cast boxes


  Condulets, Hazardous Location Lighting,
Pin & Sleeve, Starters, Reelites, Control Stations,
LED Lighting - Standard and classified Area
    Portable and Temporary Lighting, Lamp Protection,
Cord Reels, Switches, Pin & Sleeve

  LED Fixtures, Lay-in, Low Bay, Surface Etc.

  LED - HID retrofit lamps, Corn Lamps, Shoebox 
retrofits, High Bay Fixtures, Canopy, Wall Pack,etc.
     Circuit/Personnel Protection
    POWER-PRO Indicator Fuses, General Purpose, 
Blocks & Holders, Elevator Switches, 
Coordination Panels, ARC Flash/ Resistance 
Grounding Relays & Monitoring Products

    Heating & Ventilation Products
    Baseboard, Unit Heaters, Architectural 
Convectors, Infrared, Portable Heat, Fans
Evaporative coolers, Portable Air Conditioners

     Ground Rods and fittings